Corporate Mission & Code of Conduct

Corporate Mission & Code of Conduct

From a one-man business to a renowned medium-sized company 

The company was founded in 2000 by Ingo Dinges, who was working as a self-employed professional driver at that time and ventured the step into self-employment with one tractor unit. Today, Dinges Logistics is a renowned company for transport, cleaning, depot, and workshop services. Dinges Logistics is active throughout Europe nowadays and offers an integrated, comprehensive portfolio. Although the main focus is still on transport services, the other areas of our service portfolio have experienced strong and continuous growth.

A family business on the road to success

In the last 20 years, many things have changed tremendously. Dinges Logistics now employs more than 250 people, operates in more than 30 countries and still continues to grow as a company at present. Despite this strong dynamic, the core of our corporate culture remains unaffected. It is important to us that we maintain our authenticity in everything we do which is why we constantly focus our thoughts and actions on our corporate values. This omnipresent awareness has a guiding effect on our thinking and acting in everyday business.

You can count on us! 

Our company has always attached great importance to reliability and high quality. We are convinced that our dynamic growth has been favored in particular by the uncompromising fulfillment of these factors. Our employees are our most important resource and represent the core of our success. We value each and every one of them and are proud that we as a company can benefit from their know-how and commitment. Based on this, we can promise our customers and partners: Without exception, we will develop the best possible solution and are happy to take on challenges in doing so.

What we stand for

Our Code of Conduct

Dinges Logistics is specialized in the execution and handling of national as well as international transports. The focus is on chemical transports, although mineral oil, hazardous goods, non-hazardous goods, GMP+ and waste transports are also carried out by the company. Most of these transports are carried out with the company's own fleet of vehicles, but some of them are also handled by system partners or subcontractors. In addition to classic transport, the company also provides services such as repairs, storage, and cleaning.
In our company, people from different cultures with different skills and attitudes work together successfully as a team. Together, we want to encourage and ensure high-quality and innovative performance in a sustainable manner. Our philosophy is based on the fulfillment of mutual expectations as well as on a trustful basis in combination with an appropriate sense of duty.

Our Code of Conduct sets clear rules of behavior and ethical standards for our company and for the partners associated with our company. The aim of this Code of Conduct is to achieve a common standard of performance as well as commitment and a sense of responsibility among each and every employee. The aspects addressed in this Code of Conduct cover the full range of issues we face in our daily work. They range from quality, the correct treatment of people and materials, integrity in business practices, to sustainable, responsible behavior and environmental awareness.

The rules and guidelines derived from the Code of Conduct are intended to provide orientation in everyday work and to act as a guide with regard to correct behavior and decision-making. The Code of Conduct is mandatory for employees of all Dinges Logistics divisions, with each and every individual contributing to the sustainable success of our company through a strong awareness of the behavioral guidelines.

Dinges Logistics' corporate goal is to always meet the highest quality standards, thus achieving economic performance and sustainable business development.

We value conduct with integrity, fairness and honesty. We comply with the legal requirements applicable to our business in all regions and countries. We are aware that laws and ethical standards in the countries in which we operate may differ due to national circumstances and, accordingly, always carefully align our conduct accordingly. We are guided by internationally recognized principles and conventions, such as the United Nations Global Compact and the International Labor Standards. We respect human rights and conduct our business in a manner that respects and complies with them at all times. We reject all forms of forced and child labor.

Dinges Logistics is an owner-managed family business. Open communication and short decision-making processes are an essential part of our corporate culture. This is also characterized by honesty, openness and an appreciative interaction with mutual respect. Open feedback between and within all teams leads to a trustful cooperation, which is based on a high degree of understanding. We deal diplomatically with differing opinions. We conduct fair and open discussions, always focusing on finding the best possible solution for all parties involved.

We attach great importance to working together as a team, in which everyone sees themselves as part of a greater picture. We encourage each other to openly address ideas, approaches and suggestions so that we can continuously improve as a company. We expect everyone to achieve the best possible results in strict compliance with laws, ethical standards and our Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, Dinges Logistics clearly opposes any form of violence, racism, discrimination and harassment. All employees are encouraged to treat each other with respect and appreciation. Any harassment, bullying, sexual advances, immoral offers or other humiliation will not be tolerated in any way.

The safety and health of our employees are our top priority. We strive to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of our employees and to sustainably promote this. In regular internal and external training courses, our employees are made aware of the importance of complying with the occupational safety and health guidelines that apply at our company. The aim of these regular training sessions is to ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable working environment and thus to ensure the quality and safety as well as the productivity of our company in the long term.

Dinges Logistics is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society. Therefore, our actions are always under consideration of environmental protection and are guided by the goal of making a positive contribution. We strive to make sure that all our processes are designed in such a way that the effects on the environment are kept as low as possible. In addition, our top priority is to ensure that no one is harmed by our business activities.