Quality, Sustainability & Safety

We attach the highest importance to quality, sustainability, and safety, with the three factors obviously having a reciprocal influence on each other. For us, this means that we pay attention to ensuring that all our processes are carried out in compliance with all legal and internal company regulations, with the aim of always achieving the best possible result. We also strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Michael Klopp
Chief Operating Officer


Michael Klopp
Chief Operating Officer

  • m.klopp@dinges-logistics.com
  • +49 2362 9673-110

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Dinges Logistics is in possession of all necessary licenses and insurances required by German and European law to perform our services. We guarantee a high quality standard through regular internal and external audits based on special quality management systems. We also have the ambition and motivation to continuously improve and develop ourselves. In this context, the human factor plays the main role for us. We consider our employees to be critical to success, as they provide our services and ensure our high quality standards. With this in view, we conduct trainings at regular intervals.

Everything important at a glance

Our quality management system meets the standards of ISO 9001.

We comply with the standards of the Safety and Quality Assessment System of the European Chemical Industry Association.


Food safety is our highest priority. Therefore, we ensure safe transport of feed according to GMP+ standards.


We pay very close attention to actively incorporating sustainability aspects in all our processes across our entire service portfolio. In addition, we digitize our processes wherever the opportunity arises in order to save paper. For example, we issue electronic cleaning certificates and work with a telematics system including document scanning, which stores all relevant documents centrally and digitally.

Everything important at a glance

  • Transport

    All our tractor units are equipped with economy programs. Moreover, our fleet consists mainly of Euro 6 machines. Furthermore, regular driver trainings in the field of economical or environmentally friendly driving are carried out.

  • Tank Cleaning

    Wastewater is sampled continuously to ensure that no thresholds are exceeded.

  • Container Terminal

    Loaded containers are stored safely in accordance with environmentally relevant specifications, so that even in case of emergency it can be guaranteed that the environment will not be damaged in any way.

  • Workshop

    In our workshop, as far as possible and economically justifiable, we basically work according to the principle of not replacing directly, but repairing first, so as not to waste any materials and to always act with a high awareness for the environment.


Along with our extraordinary quality requirements, we guarantee the highest safety standards, and we make no compromises in this regard.

Everything important at a glance